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Activity in the


"Hello everyone,

We are hoping to keep a regular schedule of activities this upcoming year.

While we are open to work with many of you for our activities. This timeline could help in our future planning and collaborations. This timeline is tentative and flexible.


This is a list of activities that we are working on for the year 2022 and we hope that you will see, share and support our community endeavors."

Thank you 

Shatriya Smith 

Ex. Dir.



"I’m planting a tree to remind me to be open and kindhearted."

- Andrea Koehle Jones

January off

February Black History Month

activities include but not limited to:

  • Illinois Black History explanation brought to you by Illinois Humanities grant.

  • Chautauqua Route 66 and Springfield Black Businesses 1920-1960's.

  • Poetry out loud Contest

  • Set up of the Poetry Fight Club project

  • Amir Locke Rally

  • Presidential Museum Read-a-thon of Paul Laurence Dunbar A Cabin Tale

  • Jacksonville project mural - Dr. Alonzo Kinniebrew

  • Northside Christian Church Community poetry reading

  • Elk's Black History Month Vendor 

  • Illinois State Museum Youth engagement activity 


March activities include but not limited to:

  • Year end Report

  • Taxes

  • Volunteer Roster/Training/Proposals

  • STEAM program identifiers

  • Visual presentation activities

  • Board meeting

  • Music Program with the support of a grant from Springfield Area Arts Council and Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation. 

April activities include but not limited to:

  • Spring Music Program

  • Team meetings

  • Organizing plans for summer program

May activities include but not limited to:

  • End of music Program

  • Motherland Gardens collaboration  

  • Vendor fairs White Oaks Mall Springfield Vendor's every second Saturday of the month until October.

  • Vendor fair Old State Capitol every fourth Saturday of the month excluding June for options for Juneteenth, until October

June activities include but not limited to:

  • Summer arts program tentative to when school will finish, Dates for approval will be brought to the board. Canceled

  • Summer prep dated approval by the board.

  • Craft fairs and Juneteenth activities  


July activities include but not limited to:

  • Summer program Canceled

  • White Oaks Mall activities every Friday 

  • Vendor Fairs continue

  • Board meeting Need to have a board meeting!

August activities include but not limited to:

  • End of summer program Canceled 

  • Black Artists Matter Month Year 2 resubmitting grant proposal Dim art house

  • Vendor Fairs continue 

September activities include but not limited to: 


  • Fall Music Program

  • Meet me at the movies

  • Vendor Fair Continue

October activities include but not limited to:

  • Music program continues

  • Vendor Fairs continue

November activities include but not limited to:

  • Board meeting

  • Vendor Fairs continue

December activities include but not limited to:

  • Kwanzaa Activities

  • Vendor Fairs 

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