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Since 2017 Garvey Tubman Cultural Arts and Research Center; Summer Art Program provides outreach for cultural arts program accepting thirty applicants for the class.  Since 2019 GTCARC provides a music program services three times a year.  GTCARC class accepts five applicants for the spring and winter classes.  Summer music classes are congruent with the summer arts program; GTCARC accepts eight applicants for the summer program. 

Previous activities organized a free documentary movie night, once a month, at the Abraham Lincoln Library.  Organizing Poetry events with Staunztaztic art pop ups. Open Jam Sessions at Robbie’s Restaurant.  Rainbow Room community art venue and First Presbyterian marquee.  GTCARC has had publications in the Springfield State Journal Register, Illinois Times and Activator magazine.


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Duration: 8 week music program 

              Time: 3:00 pm. to 4:00 pm. Flexible

              Scheduled a class’s start date: Tuesday April 6, 2021. Keyboard/drums                

Scheduled b class’s start date: Thursday April 8, 2021.  Horns/Guitar

End date of a class’s Tuesday May 25, 2021.

End date of b class’s Thursday May 27, 2021.

Location: The Dim House 1613 s. MacArthur BLVD. Springfield, IL. 62704. 


List of Programs


Music Program

  • Spring, Summer and Winter Sessions

  • GTCARC provides the Space, Instruments, Musicians, and Music sheets.


Summer arts Program

  • How to use recycled materials for culturally expressed artist creations and art development.

  • Preparation of materials, Vase Making, Mask Making, Jewelry making, Keychains, Coloring, Painting, Sculptures.

  • Crafting, Cultural Speakers, Group listening sessions, Exercise, Drum circle, Gardening, Marketing, Sales, Games and Movies.


Early Learning initiative

  • Poetry, Free Books, Storytelling, Cultural library, Sculpting, Art activities.

  • Kwanzaa in July, Affirmation Boards, Beading, Free clothing giveaway, Self care course. 


Lunch and snacks provided


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GTCARC acknowledges it is important to provide authentic cultural programs to 19.9% of the Springfield population while sharing inclusion with 81.1% of the whole. Diversity sharing leads to greater cultural understanding, cohesive partnerships. and quantifiable authenticity.  Our organization recognizes the need to provide a structure of holistic cultural depth in the community.  Garvey Tubman Center  engages families to greater exposure of culture through the Arts. In 2021 coronavirus 19 brought GTCARC to the realization that our unique program is actionable, accountable and a worthy program for expansion.





A proactive way to support the personal journey of growth and development. GTCARC  gives youth-support groups from childhood to adulthood.  This is an authentic perspective for youth initiative, exploring participant’s values and experiences with an accredited facilitator.  Our organization wants to offer the opportunity to articulate, discuss and develop an action plan to address concerns that impact their lives.  This beneficial program is designed to serve youth ages five to thirteen. 


Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. during the summer arts program.




To prepare our participant’s to critically understand, research, and interpret the culture of African American society and culture inspired by cultural history.  This program is paired with educational tools and access to monthly Black History Documentary Movie Night.  GTCARC supplies relevant and professional speakers like Dr. Wesley G. McNeese and Kathryn Harris as Harriet Tubman. 


Once a week during the course of the summer arts program.

This 8 week summer arts program is designed to encourage students to understand and use the fundamentals of art including art law, basic shapes, and external boundaries.  The use of shapes are used for visual communication, developing skills on texture, color, murals, wall and ceiling exhibits.  This supports the production of two-dimensional art and making artistic decisions.  GTCARC invests in learning a basic background for art development, research and learning to use recycled or recyclable items.  Our programs assistance in media advocacy with parental and community participation has been a benefit for the end of the summer youth art sale.  GTCARC features exemplary support from Linda Byrd.  A teacher at the NAACP Back to School Stay in School Academy.


Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



To provide a daily, hot, healthy lunch.  Inspiring healthy choices and values.  In doing so GTCARC will support nutritional health and happiness with the assistance of the Springfield Food Banks and weekly produce donations.



Three, 8 week programs designed to support music education in disadvantaged communities that show a need for dedicated partner organizations to facilitate courses that were significantly reduced in the school’s curriculum.  GTCARC will continue to provide services such as the play by ear method which is a common way to learn to play a musical instrument in cultures that do not use musical notations.  Simultaneously GTCARC includes the knowledge of music theory, phonics development, phonics understanding, tuning, recognizing, retaining, duplicating and learning the twelve-note various combinations. 


Times vary depending upon specific programs.

integrated by-weekly

Key Activities

To provide youth in the Springfield community with a variety of positive educational experiences that relates to and supports current classroom educational standards and to provide a safe environment, materials, volunteers that will support positive practice engagement and a do not harm community atmosphere. Early Learning Initiative


Tuesday and Thursday, 12:45 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. during the summer arts program.